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How it works

How it works:

How to Buy and Sell Used Textbooks Online | Textbooks To Bucks

With Textbooks To Bucks, peer to peer buying and selling of college textbooks textbooks is a easy and simple! Here's how you start today:

1. Create a free account. 
2. Post an item you want to sell, search for items you want to buy, or post a request for an item you are looking for. 
3. Communicate with buyers and sellers through direct private messaging. 
4. Arrange for a local peer-to-peer pickup, or for shipment of the item. 
5. Enjoy your cash, book, or both!

Textbooks To Bucks allows members to use their PayPal account to buy items and receive payments.
 If the seller would rather ship items, PayPal gives them the option to do so. Buyers can also pay for their purchase using an major credit or debit card, no hassle.